UAB Somlita has been in the polyethylene film manufacturing industry since 1995. From the very beginning, the company has demonstrated significant annual growth of production capacity, what has resulted in the company now being one of the biggest and most modern plastic producers, exporters and recyclers of plastic packaging in the country.

15 thousand tons per year – this is the number of various items we produce every year and the figures are steadily growing.

With a particular focus on climate change issues, the company is using not only primary polyethylene raw materials but also secondary materials from recycling plastic waste. The company recycles more than 8 000 tons of packaging waste a year.

Recycling plastic packaging waste, we significantly contribute to a reduction of CO2 emissions. We go through a complete cycle of reprocessing polyethylene packaging waste: from sorting and cleaning of plastic waste up to a final product for the user, i.e. secondary polyethylene films for various purposes and secondary granules of polyethylene.

We are well aware of public and market needs, are adept in new technologies for recycling post-consumer packaging, and also have a good understanding of raw material markets. Continuous attention to customers’ needs takes an important place in the company.

The success and regularly growing sales of the company have been basically determined by its mature marketing strategy, reliability and partnership. Approximately ¼ of the products are marketed locally and ¾ are sold in different European countries. We export our products in France, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland.

Direct long-term contacts with our suppliers of raw materials (used packaging) in Lithuania and other Member States ensure timely fulfilment of orders and high quality of our products. Partnerships with the suppliers of primary raw materials (low density polyethylene) and the manufacturers of high quality linear low density polyethylene, pigments, antioxidants, stabilisers, other additives and raw materials allow us to manufacture high quality polyethylene film for packaging or other purposes in accordance with up-to-date requirements.

People working here are the team of the company. Thanks to them, the company is rapidly growing. Our employees have witnessed how, with their commitment and efforts, the company’s plans develop from the level of ideas, are put into practice and bring palpable results, and have observed the process of production output and sales growth and the creation of new working places.

The company pays great attention to the production quality – all products of the company are certified. We keep contacts with certified laboratories in Lithuania and Sweden.

The measuring instruments used in the company are regularly checked according to metrological procedures, and the staff members are regularly trained to improve their qualifications.

Our mission is to work responsibly and reliably, with respect for the environment, resources and people.

Our values are safe and eco-friendly environment, reliability, and product quality.