Anticondensating film

Signal color: ligth blue.

Standart dimensions (width, thickness, length) : 6m x 120 mcr x 100 m.

Packing: semisleeve, folded and winded into 1,5 m width rolls.

Due to frequent watering and constant steaming greenhouses, raw material storage places and even mulch films keep much of water vapour that condensates immediatly on the coldest surface, i.e. film.

Most raw materials used for main films manufacturing are characterized with hydrophobic properties and low surface temperature. Water drops forms on such surfaces. The size of water drop depends on quantity of anticondensating additive – as more additive as less water drop.


Unwanted action of collected condensate:

  • Reflects the ligth, reduces ligth pemeability through the film,
  • Collected water drops onto the plants, causes diseases, cripple sets,
  • Big water drops create lens effect and burn plants.


Film with anticondensating properties performance is produced blending a special additive. Thanks to additive polarity it makes possible to increase surface energy of polyethylene film. Besides, it is distinguished by hydrophilic action. Additive melted in water drops reduces energy of water surface and considerably decreases or absolutely eliminates water drops condensation on a film.

Anticondensating additive is evenly distributed within film structure during production process. Additive‘s polarity mismatches to polymer‘s polarity. In time this makes possible anticondensating additive to migrate to film surface. Gradually it is washed out from a surface by condensated water. That situation lasts until all additive in whole polymer mass is depleted.