Black film

Used in agriculture, construction industry, packaging.


Standard dimensions:

Width m / thickness mcr / length m

6m x 100mkr x 120m

6m x 120mkr x 100m

6m x 200mkr x 60m

3m x 200mkr x 45m


Packing: semi-sleeve, folded and winded into 1,5m width rolls.

Can be produced of virgin and recycled material under special clients requests (tape, semi-sleeve, sleeve):

Width range: 0,5 m – 6 m.

Thickness range: 40 mcr – 200 mcr.

Black/white film (two-colored) – used as cover for soil in gardening strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes etc. Soil should be covered white side outwards those increasing soil temperature, reflecting light and intensifying lightness inside the greenhouse.

Film black side protects against light filtering into soil, stops weeds coming out.

Otherwise to black film, black/white film keeps soil from overheating, saves humidity. Film can be used 2 – 4 seasons.