Thermo shrinkable film

Application area – products packing in thermo channel.

Thermo shrinkable film is produced of low-density polyethylene, blending compositional materials, color master batches, stabilizers or without it. Shrink in machine and cross directions attributes film.

All products in the factory are produced under special orders, mixing different additives, perforated in 3 sizes holes, with availability to mark:

Film dimensions, raw material type – under clients request.
Order production time – 14 days.


Sleeve width: 0,5m – 3m (can have welding joint along).
Semi sleeve and tape width: 0,3m – 3m.


Packing: winded into rolls, on paper cores Ø 76mm.

Film conforms requirements of national Hygienic norm HN 16:1998, is   certificated by Public Health Cantre allowing film contact to foodstuff.