Recycling of raw materials

Our company puts great emphasis on polyethylene (PE) recycling. As PE products are hardly degradable, recycling of polyethylene plays a vital environmental role, helps to save on primary raw materials and produce new packaging and other products. In order to ensure the quality of products generated from secondary raw materials, in 2005 UAB Somlita purchased a new recycling washing line, while concurrently focusing on staff trainings.

Our company buys up secondary PE raw materials from natural and legal persons, is registered in the waste management register, and included in the list of waste managers authorized to issue documents certifying the performed management of product and/or packaging waste.

ATTENTION: In accordance with the new version of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Management of Packaging and Packaging Waste effective as of 1 January 2013, documents certifying the performed management of packaging waste shall be issued only by licensed organizations. The documents certifying the performed management of packaging waste may be issued by UAB Somlita only if the customer requests them in respect of the recycling of packaging waste used for the customer’s own account. Such documents are issued only in respect of the physically transferred and accepted quantities of packaging waste.