Secondary raw material purchase and preparation for recycling
First stage
Transparent LDPE film
(internal liner of PP bulk containers)
Transparent LDPE / LLDPE film
(99/1, 98/2, 95/5, 90/10)
Black or white LDPE film
Colourful LDPE film
(without black LDPE film)
White LDPE film
With / without text (25 kg bags from primary raw materials)
LDPE film from AGRO sector
Blue, green, brown or grey
Mixed LDPE films
In various colours

The plastic packaging waste is responsibly sorted one more time by removing not suitable for recycling impurities, washed, shredded and dried by using the latest technologies.


The prepared raw material is processed by using the advanced recycling machinery, which saves time, turns plastic packaging waste into the highly valuable granulated raw material.

Second stage
Production of polyethylene film

Third stage
- In order to contribute to the conservation of natural resources, we offer solutions not only to the users of secondary raw materials, but also we are the producer with an extensive experience in the field of polyethylene film manufacturing.
Statistics in figures
10000 t.
of packages per year
We save
24 000 tons of CO2 per year
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