From 1995 until today the production increased 10 times.

The establishment of UAB “Somlita”

We have begun the production of films from 1 500 tons per year.


New line of recycling

We have invested in the production line of “Stretch” film, which allowed us to increase production output up to 7 000 tons per year


Production growth

We have invested in sorting and granulation of the secondary raw material; thus, increasing our production up to 15 000 tons per year.

Our objectives

By creating products, we think about the future in which we want to live.

By understanding our role in nature, we changed the direction of production in 2010. Every year we contribute to the environmental protection and maintenance of ecological balance – we perform the entire recycling cycle of polyethylene packaging waste, starting from sorting and washing of the plastic waste to the development of new products. We undertake not to leave the mess behind us.

Every year we recycle even more secondary raw material for a new life

Primary raw material
Secondary raw material
We recycle more than 10 000 tons of packaging waste per year.
We are constantly improving operational processes, expanding economical and technical capabilities in order to ensure as minimum impact on nature as possible.
By recycling plastic packagings, we contribute to the reduction of CO2.
We implement the established environmental objectives and programmes.
Partnership with EU and Lithuanian companies
Certified production
120 qualified employees
80% of production is exported to EU
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