About us

UAB Somlita has started its activity in polyethylene film manufacturing business in 1995. Since the very beginning, the company has shown significant annual growth of production capacity, what has resulted in the company becoming one of the biggest and most modern plastics producers, exporters and plastic waste recycling companies in the country.

The company operates state-of-the-art Italian coextrusion lines, designed for 2-3-5-layer film manufacturing.

Being concerned about the environment, the company has focused to a great extent on used plastic packages management. For this purpose, the German cleaning lines have been operated.

The success of the company has been basically determined by its well-developed marketing strategy. The company maintains direct long-term contacts with our suppliers of the major raw materials (LDPE) in Russia and the manufacturers of high quality LLDPE, pigments, antioxidants, stabilizers, other additives and raw materials (master batches) in France, Holland, Germany, Belgium and Finland.

Constant market development: approximately ¼ of the products are marketed locally and ¾ – in different European countries.
Regular modernisation of production processes, introduction of new materials.

Competitive prices, focussing on customers’ demands.

The staff operating in the company have witnessed its rapid development: they have experienced how due to contribution and efforts of all employees, the company plans have passed all the phases – from concept development to project implementation stage and resulted in tangible benefit, and have observed the process of production output and sales growth and the creation of new working places.

In the company great attention is paid on the production quality – all products are certified. Regular quality control has been performed by the Lithuanian and Swedish certified laboratories. A quality control system has been implemented in the company. Currently product certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 requirements takes place. The measuring instruments used in the company are regularly checked according to metrological procedures, and the personnel operating these devices are regularly trained, to improve their qualifications.

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